Get a Healthy Upstart for Your Business


Are you struggling with being an independent business owner or having difficulty reaching your potential customers? Let Healthy Upstart help you thrive!

Healthy Upstart is a new collaboration between SHARK Consulting Group and Channeler Media Group and is available for all of your business needs – from writing a business plan to launching your website. They specialize in dealing with small health-related businesses, from independent health coaches to the family health store.

SHARK Consulting is run by Patti Radakovich, MA, MBA, a certified performance technologist and certified professional in learning and performance. She has been helping businesses, both large and small, grow for almost a decade. You may also know her as VeggiePatti, an author, teacher, and healthy lifestyle consultant. Channeler Media Group specializes in media production and web design and works primarily with small businesses to offer that personal touch.



Healthy Upstart offers four Quick Start packages to help meet your needs – Business Launch, Marketing, Reboot, and Sustainability. All Quick Start packages include a combination of business analysis, written plans, and marketing materials – all for one low price.


Quick Start Business Launch - Have an idea but not sure how to get started? We can help you seize the day! Includes business analysis, business plan, logo, and basic website.


Quick Start Marketing Package – Need helping reaching your customers? We can help you hit your target audience! Includes target market analysis, comprehensive marketing plan, logo, and basic website.


Quick Start Reboot Package – Is your business struggling? We can help you be a star! Includes business analysis, specialty program plan, and revised website and marketing materials.


Quick Analysis Sustainability Package – Do you want to make sure you stay on top? We can help you ride the wave! Includes business analysis, sustainability plan, and revised website and marketing materials.


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